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Studio Z is proud to announce we are bringing REFIT® to the Springfield area this summer!  What is REFIT®?

R.  We are a RELATIONSHIP-focused fitness program.  REFIT classes connect people and cultivate relationships.  These connections encourage people to identify, grow and increase their faith or value system.

E.  We purpose to create a WEAPONS DOWN/WALLS DOWN fitness EXPERIENCE for everyone.  We strive to create a safe, accepting environment free of comparison, competition, or condemnation.

F.  We are a FITNESS & FAITH entry point.  We purpose to accept individuals as they are and where they are…physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We acknowledge and welcome the fact that as an entry point to faith and fitness, there will be diversity in thoughts, values, skills, and physicality.

I. We believe in the CHOICE = CHANGE = IMPACT formula, and we believe that all people are capable of great influence.  We identify ways to encourage people towards this impact and help equip them to identify their impact potential.

T.  We seek to bridge concepts, people, and values TOGETHER; seeking ways to unify not divide.  Where traditional gaps exist (i.e. faith and culture) our desire is to minimize the space between and seek ways to promote unity.

These value statements make up the skeletal framework of REFIT.  In any REFIT class across the country, a participant should be able to experience most, if not all, of these core values.

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There are two ways to get involved!  1. Attend a REFIT® Instructor training.  2. Attend a REFIT® Master Class.  A Master class is a fun and exciting party where anyone can attend.  For more information on either of these events or to sign up, please click on this link for their website:





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Let us help you throw a great Dance Party for your kids!  We have plenty of room for parties big or small.  We can design a party to meet your needs.  Call us today for more information!